OSHA’s New Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS-2)

On November 5, 2021 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will publish the new Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS-2) which applies to employers in all workplaces with 100 or more employees that are under OSHA’s authority and jurisdiction. The effective date for the ETS is November 5, 2021, which is the date the ETS will be published in the Federal Register. Although the ETS becomes effective immediately, employers are not required to comply with the requirements of the ETS until the compliance dates listed below, which is when OSHA can initiate enforcement actions via inspections. Each violation of the ETS standard requirements can carry a penalty of $13,653 up to $136,532.

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Like a Boss: Women in Trade Jobs

Like a Boss: Women in Trade Jobs is one of the more user-friendly and interesting career guides to support women in vocational careers predominantly filled by men. The guide calls out 8 professions where women are currently the most underrepresented. For each career, users can find facts and inspiration for women in that industry, required education and skills, unique challenges for women in the field, and more resources to continue exploring the career path. You can take a look at this guide here: