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Michael Menotti

Menotti Enterprise, LLC is a Disabled Veteran & Minority Family Owned & Operated Construction Site Safety firm that strives to exceed client’s expectations. Menotti’s goal is to provide efficient & cost effective solutions to ensure that all clients save time and money while cooperatively focusing on providing a safe and productive working environment for all to operate in.

Menotti is certified by both the State & City of New York as a “Service Disabled Veteran Owned” and “Minority Owned” Business Enterprise. Our company has extensive safety management experience in a multitude of construction project types such as Government, Educational, Retail, Commercial, Residential, MTA, and Maritime. The team consists of NYC Licensed Site Safety Managers, Certified FDNY Fire Safety Managers, Licensed Professional Engineers, Construction Superintendents, and retired NYC Department of Buildings Inspectors. Our main focus is to identify and hazards on-site, prevent any potential incidents from occurring, and mitigating any future construction delays. We strive to prevent & reduce all associated liabilities of our clients during all phases of construction starting with pre-construction all the way to closeout.