SAVE THE DATE APRIL 10, 202454TH NYAST Meeting 10am-12pm

201 Varick St, New York, NY & Virtual Webinar

54TH NYAST Meeting
Laser Incidents and Responder Safety
You’re invited to a New York Area Science and Technology (NYAST) Forum that
will explore critical safety issues posed by handheld laser pointers and laser
devices. Hosted by DHS S&T’s National Urban Security Technology Laboratory
(NUSTL), this forum will illuminate the dangers posed by lasers and share
essential knowledge to fortify first responder safety.
NIST expert Josh Hadler will discuss safety implications stemming from the
misuse of lasers covering topics such as aircraft interference and eye injuries.
He will provide a hands-on demonstration to showcase the output power of
lasers and the protection level of law enforcement eyewear.
Attendees will gain operational perspectives from Commander Schoening of
Portland Police Bureau as he discusses the nefarious use of lasers during
protests and other civil disturbances. He will share law enforcement methods
and PPE used to safeguard against laser incidents, including protective
eyewear and public order helmets.
Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of laser misuse
and safety measures. All law enforcement attendees are asked to bring their
laser protective eyewear to the forum.
Please register at
this link to secure your spot at our 54th NYAST Forum. Attendance is limited to active and retired first responders, emergency
response professionals and federal, state, local and tribal government
officials. The forum will be held at NUSTL, located at: 201 Varick Street, Suite
900, New York, NY 10014 with a live stream webinar

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